PERLA Poly/Cotton core spun sewing thread, made with High Tenacity Polyester continuous filament, covered with Long staple Cotton, characterized by an high ultimate tensile stress and an above-average elongation percentage that increases its breaking and abrasion strength. It does not shrink when washed and ironed, and it is suitable for every kind of reinforcing seams, topstitching, High Speed sewing machines and Automatic Units. It is available in counts 120-75-50-36-25.

GOLD 100% spun Polyester sewing thread, made with a discontinuous cotton cut fiber. The length of the fibre, the quality of spinning, the double torsion twisting, the lack of knots, ensure its high resistance and an easy sewing machine tension settings. It is suitable for all the common closing seams and it is available in counts 200-120-75-50-3

SILVER 100% Spun Polyester sewing thread, made with a discontinuous extra-strong cotton cut fiber, it is created as closing seams and reinforcing seams, in particular for the all interior leg seams of denim jeans. It is available in counts 75-50

CUPRA 100% Polyester Texturized sewing thread, twisted and stabilized, a perfect solution for a soft and voluminous serging seams by overlock machine, and for an important and optimal edge covering stitch, with a ribbon-selvage effect. It is available in counts 10-20-30.

CADIR 100% Polyester continuous High Tenacity sewing thread, Twisted, stabilized with a double lubrication, and very high tensile strenght, aesthetically characterized by ornamental topstitching. It has been created for all closing seams of shoes, footwear, bags, leather, upholstery, sofas, mattress and textile industrial technical items. In finest counts, it is perfect for very high overedging quality seams by overlock machine, for hemstitch, for Furs sewing machine, and for multi-needle quilting machine. It is available in counts 10/3 15/3 20/3 30/3 40/3 60/3-80/3 120/3 180 220

UNY Bonded Monofilament sewing thread in 100% Polyamide 6.6 continuous filament High Tenacity, with his very high breaking and abrasion strength, it is ideal for all high technology seams with very high solicitations. It is available in counts 30-40-60.

TENAL PLUS - TENAL - PERT super strong 100% Cotton READY TO DYE sewing thread, made with Giza long and extra-long staple only, combed, gassed, mercerised, Off White, with unshrinkable treatment, a very high breaking strenght and above 9% elongation, it is available in counts 50/3 30/3 24/3 16/3
CRISTAL special sewing threads READY TO DYE specific for NYLON-WOOL-SILK in 100% Polyamide 6 continuous filament High Tenacity, available in counts 80-60-40
LEGO special extra-strong sewing thread, Poly/Cotton core-spun, stabilized, with double lubrication, natural Off White specific for High Speed sewing machine and Automatic Units, mattress machine, and bookbinding machine.
ARGON special FIREPROOF sewing thread, 100% Nomex long fiber, High Temperature and flame resistant, without melting point.
COCOON Pre-wound bobbins for the shuttle of Multi Needdles Quilting Machine lockstitch, available in counts 120/2 80/2 76/2